Greek Conversation I

The Psyhogeos Program: By Matina Psyhogeos

(Elementary Level)

This is the 4th revised and enhanced edition of the originally titled “Converation in Greek”. Booklet and tape are designed to help with everyday conversation and useful phrases. They contain over two hundred sentences, questions and answers along with a very extensive vocabulary.One could listen to the CD/tape while working, driving, exercising, watching TV and so forth. The sentenses are given slowly to give you the opportunity to repeat it or translate it before the explanation is given.It is a cumulative, progressive way to build up your conversational skills. The book helps you master what you learn and comprehend the grammatical elements that are used throughout the interactive dialogues. The set is excellent as an entity or as a companion to the “Greek Mini-Course, for Beginners” or to the book “Learn to Read and Write Greek”.

Book/Cassette – Price: $24.95
Book/CD – Price: $29.95