The Olympic Games

The objective of the book is not to dwell on specific events, chronicle the Summer or Winter Olympics, focus on individual athletic achievements, nor refer to distinct athletic achievements by Olympians (too numerous and too significant for just a mere reference).
Marios Kallitsis, an outstanding artist, designed the cover of the book and so accurately captured the connotation of the title. Having Past and Present represented by Myron’s Discus Thrower rising above the contemporary runners, and the Future so beautifully portrayed by the colors of the five links -which symbolize unity and continuity.

Its intent is:

  • to retrospect the origin of the Games and contemplate their future.
  • Make some comparisons between the ancient and contemporary contests
  • to examine the motives and ambitions, goals and expectations of athletesfrom their vantage point and perspective
  • to research the start of the Olympics, their purpose and continue with their evolution and contemporary relevance and foremost:
  • to be animated and enlivened by the accomplishments and examples of the past and forge high expectations for greater attainments and profiles in courage of aspiring Olympians in displaying the competitive spirit and character, comparable – if not surmountable – to that of their ancient counterparts
  • to be encouraged that the Olympic spirit and the noble ideals are still intact and thriving, reassuring aspiring Olympians that they should be optimistic to follow their dream and work hard to realize it
  • to be invigorated that the Olympic Torch is still aglow, brightening their road and guiding their future
  • that the Olympic Flag, with its characteristic rings, still symbolizes unity and the plausibility of peaceful gatherings and noble competition
  • to be animated and inspired, each of us, to make every possible effort  to protect and safeguard the lofty concepts of the Olympic Games and steadfastly hand them over to subsequent generations. The Torch is passed to a new millennium, let us celebrate!!..
The Olympic Games: Past, Present & Future

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