Learn To Read and Write Greek

The Psyhogeos Program: By Matina Psyhogeos

This is the fourth enhanced and revised edition of the book, Learn to Read and Write Greek: The Basics of the Greek Language. The book has been expanded and revised with this issue in order to intensify the progress of the beginner, to respond to the many changes in the Greek language and to incorporate new vocabulary that has been introduced and it has become part of everyday communication. In addition, the rules of the monotonic system (the one accent system) which was introduced in the previous edition, with some variations, are also included.

Learn to Read and Write Greek, is the Beginner’s book in a series designed to teach Modern Greek in a simple, progressive and cumulative manner. It is an expansion of the intensified Fifteen Lesson, Greek Mini-Course for Beginners: on which the Psyhogeos Program, the simplified Greek Language Series, for the teaching of Greek as a second language -in a comprehensive manner- is based:

The objectives of the book are to:
· teach one to read and write Greek;
· acquaint the beginner with the basics and mechanism of the language
· introduce very extensive and commonly used vocabulary
· instruct the student in the use of the oral and written speech.
· enable him/her master what is being taught by introducing relevant to the lesson exercises

The book could be purchased as a separate unit or along with the accompanying CDs or cassettes (which are highly recommended to help with sounds and pronunciation). If you’re studying on your own without an instructor or the CDs/tapes, you should pay close attention to the phonetics and learn each sound very carefully or you could ask a native to help you with the most difficult sounds. For example, “G”, is pronounced as a “y” at the beginning of a word, such as: year, yet, yard, etc. In other words it is a very soft g (gh).

Each letter of the Greek Alphabet has only one sound. When you master each sound you are in a position to read a Greek text.

While you’re studying you should:

· repeat each sound, each syllables and finally the word, many times.
· place the emphasis where the accent is.
· read the sentences and, with the help of the vocabulary, translate them
· make your own sentence with every new word you learn and complete all the exercises.

The book is divided into three parts:

Part One: Teaches reading, writing, vocabulary, the basic elements of grammar and exercises.
Part Two : contains an extensive list of vocabulary (over 40 categories/lists of words), along with regular and irregular verbs, adjectives, adverbs, regular and irregular nouns and so forth. You could study each list of words simultaneously with every lesson, or each segment separately. For better comprehension, especially if you are studying without an instructor, the latter is recommended.
Part Three:
Consists of the additional grammar: declension of regular & irregular nouns, adjectives and pronouns, conjugation of regular and irregular verbs and so forth.

Everything is simplified and easy to comprehend.

The main characteristics of the Psyhogeos Program :

Simplification; Intensity; Isolation and Elucidation in English, are the most important exponents of The Psyhogeos Program


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