History of Greece

History of Greece In A NutshellHISTORY OF GREECE IN A NUTSHELL
By Matina K. Psyhogeos

A brief history of Greece/Hellas – the land everyone has heard and read so much about – is presented in this book. A most fascinating and splendid experience awaits the reader of such glorious history. The most incredible part is that one gets a taste of the famed chronicles – from the pre-historic (stone and bronze age) to the actual history (ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary) – in a summary. Instead of having to study volumes of each period.

Not only you live the glory of an unsurpassed history, culture and traditions, of Ancient Greece, you will also experience the infinite fascination and beauty of Modern Greece, through these few pages,. The objective here is to present a simplified, condensed version of a renowned history throughout the ages, in order to encourage young and old to gain some knowledge of historical events, without being overwhelmed and discouraged by a detailed account of incidents. Even the format of the chapters and font are such to make the reading simpler and easier.. The following characteristics of this volume have to be emphasized:

1. A unique version of the history of one of the most fascinating countries, in a simple, concise and very brief manner

2. Includes a section on the greatest personalities who glorified Greece and left their footprints in history

3. It is the only book today presenting a summary (in English or Greek) from pre-historic times to modern Greece – up to 2005, with a section on Olympics 2004

4. It concludes with a chronology of events throughout the centuries.

My fervent wish and hope, is that this book will incite young and old to read the History of Greece in a Nutshell. Hopefully, however, some of you/lovers of history, wishing to expand should further research the subject. In such case, additional information will enable you to discover the true purport of the glorious culture that offered so much to the entire world, shaped the western thought and created an unequaled civilization. To analyze it deeper, if not in its entirety, at least, in a more profound level that this expeditious version presents.

If you ever visit Greece, four thousand (plus) years of dramatic and turbulent history that have left an indelible imprint – the physical beauty, history, culture and traditions – will indeed captivate you. Reminders of a splendid past are everywhere. An enduring attraction welcomes you..

Wander through the ages via the Minoan Palaces, the Mycenean fortresses, the classical temples, the Hellenistic tombs, the Roman towns, the Byzantine churches, the Crusader castles, the Turkish Mosques, the picturesque, idyllic villages with the unique insular architecture and finally, relax and enjoy the comforts of the modern cities, spas and summer resorts.

While you admire all the incredible remnants of : “The Glory That Was Greece” you are, finally, aware of the beauty and ” The Glory That Is Greece” today.. That’s what this History of Greece book is all about..

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