Greek Mini-Course

-Fifteen Simplified Lessons
3rd Revised and Enhanced Edition

The objective of this Course is to teach the beginner the fundamentals for better comprehension of the Greek language. It is an intensified course of study, yet the techniques and principles of the curriculum are presented in such a simple manner that makes it very easy to follow. Everything is presented systematically in a cumulative progressive way. The strict criterion of the whole process is that even the most difficult aspects of the language are taught simply and methodically.

The Mini-Course for Beginners consists of fifteen lessons. Each lesson is divided into three parts:

Part One: Teaches reading, writing, vocabulary.
Part Two
: Offers the simplified rules of grammar and the mechanism of the language.
Part Three: Contains additional vocabulary and conversation which progressively becomes more difficult and complicated .

The course was offered to hundreds of students, prior to being established as the basis of the Psyhogeos Program – the simplified Greek Language Series, for the teaching of Greek as a second language in a comprehensive manner. The outcome of the 15 lesson course was always overwhelming.


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