Nikephoros Vrettakos – The Poet of Optimism

Mt. Taygetos

By Matina PsyhogeosTHE HELLENIC CHRONICLEThursday, December 18, 1986 Of all the titles bestowed upon Nikephoros Vrettakos, the magnificent poet : poet of love; of peace; of brotherhood; of Taygetos; the “poet of optimism” is the one I prefer! The...

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Let’s Talk About Empathy

This is the article on” Empathy,” as I previously had indicated. It was published in December, 2018, by the Applied Languages & Linguistics Journal!  I was going to post the entire Journal, however, due to copyrights, I am unable to do so. Anyone who has the Journal could find it pg. 134) More information to follow at a later post! Thank you!  Matina...

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